The Professional Roofing Contractor for Your Metal Roof Needs

Are you planning to install a metal roof for your home or building in Rockville, MD?

Or do you need to repair your current one from environmental damage? Then you should hire Devito Roofing for the job. We have serviced such roofs across the city for many years. Listed below are some of the things to expect during metal roofing projects:

  • Various Metal Types – There are certain metals to choose from when it comes to roofs. Steel is a durable, yet heavy material. Aluminum trades durability for lighter weight and rustproof properties. Aside from these common metals, there are also high-end metals such as copper, alloy, and more. Throughout our experience, we have handled every type of metals. Thus, you can count on us for expert advice on which metal is the best type for your needs.
  • Professional Installation – Installing roofs made of metal can be different from traditional roof shingles. When exposed to the elements, metal can contract and expand. Thus, it is important that we install fasteners to prevent metal panels from buckling. We also apply various coatings when installing such roofs. We use high-quality ones that offer excellent waterproofing and energy-efficiency properties.
  • Reliable Repair and Maintenance – When we repair metal roofs, we make sure to do quality work without compromise. You can expect us to bring top-grade tools and equipment for the task. We make sure to do a thorough job to detect and resolve any issues. We also work with proper safety measures. You can also hire us for scheduled maintenance to keep or even extend your roof’s lifespan.

Devito Roofing is the professional roofing contractor you need for metal roofs in Rockville, MD. We also provide rubber roofing, siding, and other related services. These are available for both residential and commercial customers. If you want to schedule and/or inquire our services, feel free to call us today at (301) 298-1422.